Changing the Rotor Blades on a Twister CP V2 Hellicopter

Changing the rotor

Over a period, especially when learning to fly, you find you need to change the rotor blades on your Twister CP V2 Helicopter. This article describes the process of removing the current ones and installing the new ones. Clear work environment of at least 80cm wide by 60cm deep. 1.5mm Alan Key Step 1 – Removal of blades. Using the Alan Key, unscrew the screw (036) holding the Main Blade…


Want to know more about those RC Jet Powered model aircraft?


With either a JetCat or a Wren turbine which operate on Jet A1 fuel exactly the same as the real jet turbine engines found in that Qantas jet that lands at Adelaide airport, these model aircraft are an incredible piece of engineering. When you hear them before seeing them, you’ll swear your hearing a real jet engine. How fast? I don’t really know yet. The US FAA has placed a…


DNS and what to watch for

Trev’s suggestions on the best way to manage your domain name Domain names are a vital part of your hosting and mail system and is often forgotten as it’s the part that sits in the background quietly working until one day it does not. This is meant as a plain english guide to help would be web masters understand how to set up the management of their domain name to…