About me

Trevor - NZ - April 2014

Visiting a friend in New Zealand, also a photographer, so thought time to do an update profile picture

In brief, I live in the north eastern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia called Banksia Park. I am semi-retired as I get to bored being completely retired.

I’m married to the most beautiful person in the world, Patty. I’m also a grandfather of 3 boys which is a lot of fun.

My darling Patty

My darling Patty

My background is Electronics Engineering in the early days and then moved into programming and IT working for companies like EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and HP (Hewlett Packard). I finished working for HP in June of 2014 after taking an early retirement package. Today I still do small projects for different local companies which keeps me active.

I do have a few hobbies which include photography, graphics, electronics, programming, and web development. Projects that combine all these together are probably my favorite for obvious reasons.

Trevor in uniform

Ready for a shift with St John Ambulance

I’m a volunteer with St John Ambulance service and going through the training to become an ambulance officer (EMT) with SA Ambulance Service. If you are at any events around Adelaide, especially Adelaide Oval, Clipsal v8’s, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and many more, you may spot me in my green ambulance uniform treating patients.

I have an online store called Electron Hobbies which sells various electronics components for electronics hobbyists. Feel free to have a look if you like. It’s https://electronhobbies.com. I sell different sensors, processor boards, connectors and a few discrete components that seem to be common. I did a lot of the web design for it.

I do enjoy travel too and have managed to do quite a bit. You can see some of the pictures here or on my flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/trevlinden/. You may also see some of my work on Google Earth.

Anyway, hope you have a great day and enjoy reading through my blog.

– Trevor