Fighter jet crashes into trees at Monarto, South Australia

Saturday, 26th May 2007 Monarto, South Australia. A F-18 Hornet fighter jet suffers engine failure just near the Monarto Zoo about 45 minutes east of Adelaide in South Australia. The pilot desperately tried to get the plane down safely however with to much speed found the plane crashing into trees. Astonished onlookers could do nothing. The action was captured on video and posted to the popular YouTube site.


Jet Action 2007, AMA Field, Monarto, South Australia

Jet Action

Jet Action 2007 26 May 2007 at the Adelaide Model Aerosport Field, Monarto, South Australia My first visit to Jet Action was no disappointment. With great weather, clear skies, slight wind from the north and a top temp of about 21 Celsius the day was of to a great start. A few friends also turned out along with my brother and my son. The action started very soon after we…


Want to know more about those RC Jet Powered model aircraft?


With either a JetCat or a Wren turbine which operate on Jet A1 fuel exactly the same as the real jet turbine engines found in that Qantas jet that lands at Adelaide airport, these model aircraft are an incredible piece of engineering. When you hear them before seeing them, you’ll swear your hearing a real jet engine. How fast? I don’t really know yet. The US FAA has placed a…


Jet propelled radio controlled model aircraft – What a hobby

After finding the first video of a model jet propelled aircraft, I had to investigate further. There is quite a number of communities around the world that get into this hobby. The next four pictures are links to a 6 1/2 min video clip I found on Google Video showing what looks like an airfield with a number of these jet propelled model aircraft. The planes have a push button start engine…


My next toy

Anyone into unique toys will just love this video. It’s an Radio controlled F14 model that couldn’t be any more realistic. Just watch as they fire up the engines. Will I need a pilots license? And what about flying lessons, so I don’t crash