New Sewage System – What I’ve learnt today 8 July 2020

Proposed realignment of sewage system in Banksia Park

On the 29th June 2020 David Spiers MP, Minister for Environment and Water wrote to me (and I’m sure you too) that he directed SA Water to transfer all properties that are currently connected to the Community Wastewater Management System onto SA Water’s mains sewage system. In this letter he states “Importantly, you will not be required to pay for the cost associated with fixing this long-standing issue, and critical…


Scam SMS from legitimate Qantas SMS number

Qantas logo

Just received a scam message from what appeared to be Qantas (as the same number had legitimate boarding messages from previous flights). The message read: , you’ve won our mystery box this week – please use the link to schedule the delivery. BBL. Using a tool that sniffs these sorts of links to see if they are harmful before actually clicking on them results in a number of re-directions…


Penalties for MP’s and Senators who are disqualified from sitting in Parliament

It’s time for a change to the law that sets penalties for MP’s and Senators who are disqualified from sitting in Parliament. Just the 45th Parliament (2016 to present) Justin Keay (Labor) – Citizenship[i] Josh Wilson (Labor) – Citizenship[ii] Susan Lamb (Labor) – Citizenship[iii] Rebekah Sharkie (Centre Alliance) – Citizenship[iv] David Feeney (Labor) – Citizenship[v] John Alexander (Liberal) – Citizenship[vi] Barnaby Joyce (National) – Citizenship[vii] And now the possibility of…


Extortion emails from Microsoft’s mail service

Extortion email

A new scam, this time extortion attempts that are originating from Microsoft’s mail system. [Update 25Aug2018] These emails seem to have slowed/stopped. Either scammers have given up (doubt it) or Microsoft has put in some intelligence into their system to prevent them. Well done Microsoft! These attempts are addressed to email addresses that have had an online account password discovered previously by other hackers and include the password in…


Facebook advertising and why I don’t see your post if you have paid to promote it.

We’re in the middle of a state election here in my state of South Australia. I am someone that wants to know what the different parties are saying so I tag their Facebook pages as ‘see first’ which makes Facebook show me anything they may post on my news feed at the top. As long as they post without paying Facebook money to promote the post I will see it….


Creating a basic Android user interface

In this exercise we’re going to create a simple application that uses the following controls: Button Text field Checkbox Radio button Spinner The spinner will select between two languages, English and Tagalog and update the user interface in real time. When the button is pressed it will display a message in the selected language. The screens will look like: Below the send button will appear the message that has been…


Australian English vs British English vs American English

Anyone who thinks English is English when travelling is in for a surprise. Not only is there spelling differences, there are whole word differences and phrase differences. Here is a sample of some of the differences: Australian English British English American English a bag of sugar, flour etc a bag of sugar, flour etc a pack of sugar, flour etc Aluminium Aluminium Aluminum autumn autumn fall backpack knapsack rucksack Barman…


What does dolphin poop look like?

What does dolphin poop look like? What does dolphin poop look like? What a great question you have asked a very good question. There is not a lot of info out there on google to tell me, but one thing is for sure, Brittany Furlan should know what dolphin poop looks like because she googled it when she had to much time on her hands 🙂 She does suggest “It’s…


See your day in opposite ways with same words

The following should be read from the top down, and then read it again from the bottom up. Today was the absolute worst day ever and dont try to convince me that there’s something good in every day because, when you take a closer look, this world is a pretty evil place. Even if some goodness does shine through once in a while satisfaction and happiness don’t last. And it’s…