Changing the Rotor Blades on a Twister CP V2 Hellicopter

Over a period, especially when learning to fly, you find you need to change
the rotor blades on your Twister CP V2 Helicopter. This article describes the process of
removing the current ones and installing the new ones.

    • Clear work environment of at least 80cm wide by 60cm deep.
    • 1.5mm Alan Key

Step 1 – Removal of blades.

Using the Alan Key, unscrew the screw (036) holding the Main Blade (042) to the Main Blade Clamp (037) ensuring you keep your finger over the nut (xxx) on the underside of the Main Blade (042) to prevent it dropping out and getting lost. Once you have unscrewed the screw (036), remove it and carefully slide the Main Blade (042) out of the Main Blade Clamp (037). With the Main Blade (042) out, you can concentrate on getting the nut (xxx) and storing it safely.

View of nut under rotor bracket
Make sure you don’t loose the nut under the bracket – click to see larger
Changing the rotor - remove old
Unscrew the screw ensuring you don’t loose the nut on the bottom of the blade clamp. (click on image for full size)

Repeat this for the other blade if required

Step 2 – Inspect

Check the new Main Blades (042) don’t have cracks or scratches especially on the leading edge and around the mounting area.

Check the Main Blade Clamp (037) to make sure it moves freely and does not show any signs of cracking or un-due wear and tear.

(Remember: The blades on you Twister CP V2 Helicopter have considerable stresses applied to them and they have the potential of doing considerable harm and damage.)

Step 3 – Install new blades

Fit the Main Blade (042) with the leading edge of the blade on the clockwise side when looking from the top into the Main Blade Clamp (042) lining up the hole for the screw (036).

Install new blade
Install new blade with leading edge lead when rotating clockwise

Insert the screw (036) into the hole and using the Alan key give it a half turn to get the thread bitting. Then insert the nut (xxx) into the cavity on the bottom of the Main Blade Clamp (037). Now continue to tighten the screw (036) with the Alan Key until firm.

Changing the rotor
Use the screw and nut removed in step 1 to secure the Main Blade to the Main Blade Clamp. (click on image for full size)

Line the Main Blades (042) up straight and at right angles to the Fly Bar (003). Tighten the screws (037) and nuts (xxx) firmly so the Main Blades (042) will just move.

With the first flight following fitting, bring the throttle up slowly monitoring the blades.

The following is the assembly schematic out of the Twister CP V2 Bell/Hiller Carbon Rotor version. Click on the thumbnail to see full size.

Twister CP V2 Helicopter assembly schematic
Twister CP V2 Helicopter assembly schematic (click image to see full size)