My no bullshit privacy policy

Here's the image based on the privacy policy text you provided. It portrays a fictional website owner with a humorous and carefree attitude towards privacy policies.

So many sites have privacy policies, I thought it time to spell out my policy for this web site.

In short, I don’t care about your privacy because I don’t care about you. Lets face it, I don’t know you so why should I care.

I enjoy writing posts and sharing. That’s what this site is about along with all the other sites. I don’t earn money from it, its a hobby. Your welcome to read what I post.

What you are reading is on a server. Servers collect information about who connects to them. That’s just life. Am I interested in the info? Sometimes. Will I sell it? If someone offers me enough money to make it worth my while, probably, but I doubt that day will ever come because what I collect is not worth it. I mean if you are really such an interesting person that makes someone want to pay for the data I have about you, then they would be able to buy it much cheaper from somewhere else.

If you want me to delete your information, you have to pay me enough to make me interested in doing so.

You probably want to check google privacy policies too because they collect info about you when you read stuff here. That part is up to you to sort out with them.

So that’s my no bullshit privacy policy. If you want to visit my site and connect to my server to do that, then you accept this stuff.

As to laws outside of Australia, like the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I don’t care about it. What’s in those laws is your problem, not mine.