New Sewage System – What I’ve learnt today 8 July 2020

Proposed realignment of sewage system in Banksia Park

On the 29th June 2020 David Spiers MP, Minister for Environment and Water wrote to me (and I’m sure you too) that he directed SA Water to transfer all properties that are currently connected to the Community Wastewater Management System onto SA Water’s mains sewage system. In this letter he states “Importantly, you will not be required to pay for the cost associated with fixing this long-standing issue, and critical…


Penalties for MP’s and Senators who are disqualified from sitting in Parliament

It’s time for a change to the law that sets penalties for MP’s and Senators who are disqualified from sitting in Parliament. Just the 45th Parliament (2016 to present) Justin Keay (Labor) – Citizenship[i] Josh Wilson (Labor) – Citizenship[ii] Susan Lamb (Labor) – Citizenship[iii] Rebekah Sharkie (Centre Alliance) – Citizenship[iv] David Feeney (Labor) – Citizenship[v] John Alexander (Liberal) – Citizenship[vi] Barnaby Joyce (National) – Citizenship[vii] And now the possibility of…


Target out of stock of 3 arm mens jumpers from catalogue

Target catalogue with 3 arm mens fleece jumpers

Target’s latest catalogue has an advertisement on thier front page with a picture of a son, mother, father and daugter all wearing what looks like very comfortable fleece jumpers. The mens one is interesting as it’s got 3 arms, 2 right arms (one on the wifes shoulder and the other between the wife and himself) with his left arm holding his daughter.   Anyway, I’ve called a few stores to…

Read More >> – Gumtree / Paypal buyer scam

We’re selling our Ford Focus on Gumtree and got an SMS which we replied to as requested. NOTE: Didn’t check the phone number the SMS came from. It was +16786617688. Obviously not an Australian phone number which for anyone reading this, is the first hint that they are about to get a scammer trying them. SMS Message from +16786617688: Is the car still available for sale and whats your final…


Recal of American Currency

us treasury money recal

It looks like the US government has figured out how to get itself out of the financial problems it’s in. Watch the Onion News Network cover as Ronald Schuler, treasury spokesman announces the recal at a press conference.


Plane crashes on landing at Adelaide Airport, South Australia

Plane crash - Adelaide Airport (YPAD)

Adelaide, South Australia – Saturday 27th September 2008 In front of about a thousand spectators, the King Air B200 Twin Engine Corporate Charter VH-URU on a charter flight from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island crash landed on Runway 30 (South East to North West runway). No-one was injured with passengers praising the work of the pilot. The large crowd was at the airport to see the new Qantas A380 Airbus arrive…


New version of Banksia Park Weather online!

Finally got around to changing the Banksia Park Weather Station site to its new version moving the Flash movie off to a sub page and using JavaScript to keep the ‘static’ page updated every 25 seconds. It’s got more features and more useful areas including a longer range forecast from Weather Underground, access to radar, warnings from the BOM, and will allow me to grow the informational part of the…


Telstra moves more Australian jobs to India

A comical help desk call from a customer with a very strong Australian slang to the Telstra India help desk with an agent that has a very strong Indian accent and doesn’t understand many of the Australian slang terms. It begins with the announcer making the statement that Telstra moves more Australian jobs to India. Download the audio clip in MP3 format here. Here is the transcript of the call….


Banksia Park Weather goes live

Finally Banksia Park, SA has weather information available to it’s residents live and on-line. With the type of land around Banksia Park the Bureau of Meteorology sites just don’t provide a clear picture with the closest being Parafield Airport. It’s still under construction from the perspective it still needs a 10m mast for wind speed and direction, it’s giving residents an alternative to be able to get readings from. The…


Fighter jet crashes into trees at Monarto, South Australia

Saturday, 26th May 2007 Monarto, South Australia. A F-18 Hornet fighter jet suffers engine failure just near the Monarto Zoo about 45 minutes east of Adelaide in South Australia. The pilot desperately tried to get the plane down safely however with to much speed found the plane crashing into trees. Astonished onlookers could do nothing. The action was captured on video and posted to the popular YouTube site.