Recal of American Currency

us treasury money recal

It looks like the US government has figured out how to get itself out of the financial problems it’s in. Watch the Onion News Network cover as Ronald Schuler, treasury spokesman announces the recal at a press conference.


Type O or Type Zero blood type?

Link to Youtube video

Hi all. Came across this video on YouTube the other day discussing what the blood type terminology is. Is it type O or is it type zero? Have a look for yourself. As you saw in the video, the correct term is type zero. Well done HotForWords.


Plane crashes on landing at Adelaide Airport, South Australia

Plane crash - Adelaide Airport (YPAD)

Adelaide, South Australia – Saturday 27th September 2008 In front of about a thousand spectators, the King Air B200 Twin Engine Corporate Charter VH-URU on a charter flight from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island crash landed on Runway 30 (South East to North West runway). No-one was injured with passengers praising the work of the pilot. The large crowd was at the airport to see the new Qantas A380 Airbus arrive…


Andrea Corr’s embarrasing moment with her thumb


Every now and then you come across a video of someone famous doing something that makes you realise that they are just people like you and me. Here is one of Andrea Corr sitting next to her brother Jim who’s doing all the talking on an interview. Andrea looks like normal Andrea, just looking around and up comes the hand and she starts sucking her thumb. Then realises what she’s…


Aerobatics with a remote control jet

aerobatics in a jet

Some of the things possible with these jet powered remote contol planes is incredible. This one, specially built for aerobatics has a variable nozel on the engine allowing it to be pointed in different directions and the small wings at the front of the plane are used to control where the front points and to make the plane do it’s unique wheel stands down the runway at low speed. Have…


Jet Action 2007, AMA Field, Monarto, South Australia

Jet Action

Jet Action 2007 26 May 2007 at the Adelaide Model Aerosport Field, Monarto, South Australia My first visit to Jet Action was no disappointment. With great weather, clear skies, slight wind from the north and a top temp of about 21 Celsius the day was of to a great start. A few friends also turned out along with my brother and my son. The action started very soon after we…


The new way of TV

As bandwidth is increasing on the internet, it’s changing the way normal people all over the world watch “TV”. No longer are you controlled what you can watch or when you can watch it. Now you pick your content and when you watch it. Not only is this change significant for viewers, it also opens up doors for the avergage joe to start creating content. This video here is one…


Laughter, how good is it? Well check this out…

Ever wonder how good is laughter? Or how healthy we would be if we good really laugh? Especially one of those laughs from deep down in our belly? Well this kid must be incredibly healthy. Just have a listen to that deep belly laugh. If he’s not healthy, he certainly is popular. Just check the stat’s on YouTube


Faith Hill didn’t win and she’s pissed

24 hours on YouTube and it’s had 1.5 million views, 1,250 comments and 760 people added it to thier favourites. What is it? Well it’s Faith Hill showing her true colours when she doesn’t win the award for Female Vocalist of the Year. Some of the comments include: She grew an ego. that is her problem (elegantblue) She wan’t yelling “what” you idiots. I’m a skilled lip reader. She was…