Andrea Corr’s embarrasing moment with her thumb

Every now and then you come across a video of someone famous doing something that makes you realise that they are just people like you and me. Here is one of Andrea Corr sitting next to her brother Jim who’s doing all the talking on an interview. Andrea looks like normal Andrea, just looking around and up comes the hand and she starts sucking her thumb. Then realises what she’s doing, pulls it away and gives the camera an embarrassed smile.
I’m not sure when this interview was or where but it looks a few years old.

But by all reports, it’s not something she worries about to much as she’s quoted to say “Also, sucking my thumb comforts me. It helps me fall asleep. If I get tired, the first thing I do is put my thumb in my mouth. But I don’t think it’s because I’m insecure. It’s just very comforting and I love it. I can’t give it up.”

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