Extortion emails from Microsoft’s outlook.com mail service

Extortion email

A new scam, this time extortion attempts that are originating from Microsoft’s outlook.com mail system. These attempts are addressed to email addresses that have had an online account password discovered previously by other hackers and include the password in the subject line of the email. The email is written in English and uses good English unlike many other scam and extortion emails. If you receive an email like the below,…


Facebook advertising and why I don’t see your post if you have paid to promote it.

We’re in the middle of a state election here in my state of South Australia. I am someone that wants to know what the different parties are saying so I tag their Facebook pages as ‘see first’ which makes Facebook show me anything they may post on my news feed at the top. As long as they post without paying Facebook money to promote the post I will see it….


Creating a basic Android user interface

In this exercise we’re going to create a simple application that uses the following controls: Button Text field Checkbox Radio button Spinner The spinner will select between two languages, English and Tagalog and update the user interface in real time. When the button is pressed it will display a message in the selected language. The screens will look like: Below the send button will appear the message that has been…