Target out of stock of 3 arm mens jumpers from catalogue

Target catalogue with 3 arm mens fleece jumpers

Target’s latest catalogue has an advertisement on thier front page with a picture of a son, mother, father and daugter all wearing what looks like very comfortable fleece jumpers. The mens one is interesting as it’s got 3 arms, 2 right arms (one on the wifes shoulder and the other between the wife and himself) with his left arm holding his daughter.   Anyway, I’ve called a few stores to…


Should we get a 13 or 1300 number?

These numbers are a good idea and have some advantages. For example, you can have the same number with different locations and depending on the caller, it will route to the closest branch. BUT the world is changing. More and more people are starting to use the Internet for their phone calls because of cost. Example: we changed from normal Telstra landline to Engin VoIP and our bill went from…

Read More >> – Gumtree / Paypal buyer scam

We’re selling our Ford Focus on Gumtree and got an SMS which we replied to as requested. NOTE: Didn’t check the phone number the SMS came from. It was +16786617688. Obviously not an Australian phone number which for anyone reading this, is the first hint that they are about to get a scammer trying them. SMS Message from +16786617688: Is the car still available for sale and whats your final…


Update site to WordPress

The old PHP Nuke site was running tired, hard to update and add to. So move across to WordPress which was not to difficult a migration to complete including all the post data from the old Nuke site. All up about 10 hours work. The next few weeks will be doing minor tweaks with the way things look and work. If you can’t find something, from the old site, please…


DIY Rudder Pedal USB controller interface

Coming soon. Rudder pedal controller using USB (part number 204-TV-B). This board will interface your home made DIY Rudder Pedals to Flight Simulator using USB. It’s inputs will be 3 x 10k ohm pots, one for the rudder and one each for the left and right toe brakes which connect with provided Molex connectors. USB is via a B type connector which also provides the required power for the interface…


Affiliates and Friends links

Association of Trevs in Australia Description: If your a Trevor, and you live in Australia, you probably will be interested in this site. It’s there for you, a Trevor in Australia. Added on: 21-Oct-2006 Cheffing Around Description: Cheffing Around, based in Adelaide South Australia is a contract chef organisation providing chef’s to restaurants, hotels, corporations, businesses, and to the individual if required. With only the best chef’s in Adelaide,…


Trevor’s Electronics Blog

Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board

Are you interested in Electronics? Or embedded electronics? Or any of the Microchip PIC microcontrollers like the PIC18, PIC24, the dsPIC33 or the latest PIC32? So am I so I’m writing about my adventures with these devices in my blog called Trevor’s Electronics Blog. The drive to do this was my adventure in learning the PIC24 and doing it using the Explorer 16 board. I got a book that uses…


Recal of American Currency

us treasury money recal

It looks like the US government has figured out how to get itself out of the financial problems it’s in. Watch the Onion News Network cover as Ronald Schuler, treasury spokesman announces the recal at a press conference.