Jet Action 2007, AMA Field, Monarto, South Australia

Jet Action 2007

26 May 2007 at the Adelaide Model Aerosport Field, Monarto, South Australia

My first visit to Jet Action was no disappointment. With great weather, clear skies, slight wind from the north and a top temp of about 21 Celsius the day was of to a great start. A few friends also turned out along with my brother and my son.

The action started very soon after we got there at 10AM with the first and only crash of the day. F-18 Hornet suffered a problem with the radio gear resulting in the engine shutting down just over the field leaving the pilot struggling to wipe of speed and get the plane down as quickly as possible. Anyway, you can see the video here:

It wasn’t to long after that we had Peter Agnew’s Navy Panther jet on the runway and doing some circuits of the field. These things are expensive. At some $20,000 plus 300 hours of labour, it’s not something that you crash. Anyway, for your enjoyment you can see it in action.

This pilot/plane was probably the highlight of the day. A jet doing things that I have never imagined a jet can do, like stand on end still in mid air and hold it there. I’ve seen this done with other aircraft but as soon as they stall at the top of the climb, they fall over and head back to earth. You just need to take a look. I think you will be amazed.

This next video is a very well built aircraft. It’s an F16 that looks so much like the real thing you won’t notice it’s not until something puts it’s size into perspective. Have a look.

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