The new way of TV

As bandwidth is increasing on the internet, it’s changing the way normal people all over the world watch “TV”. No longer are you controlled what you can watch or when you can watch it. Now you pick your content and when you watch it. Not only is this change significant for viewers, it also opens up doors for the avergage joe to start creating content.

This video here is one that I found through Kaitlin Hill (TheHill88) where Tom Green has set up a home studio in his lounge room and boadcasts a regular show over the internet. He has guests that traditionally would only be seen on “normal” television. This episode has Weired al Yankovic and pro skater, Mike Vallely. Their also on line with Don Sibly via the Internet from Sydney where Don’s grabbed his laptop and a crew and gone onto the streets of Sydney to do some comedy and some interviews.

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