Some photo’s from 2014 that are memorable to me

2014 was probably the most turbulent year of my life. The following photo’s are highlights of that year. Click on image to expand.

Laguna De Bay, Philippines
Laguna De Bay as seen from the roof of Rio Building, Azure Resedences, Paranaque
My darling Patty
My darling Patty
Lorne, Victoria, Australia
Recent road trip along the Ocean Road in Victoria I stopped for breakfast at this picnic ground in Lorne. It’s the perfect place for a stop, beautiful scenery, sounds, and smells. Spectacular 🙂
Sandstone sculptures on the cliffs near Elliston, South Australia
The Great Ocean Tourist drive passes across the top of the clifs at Elliston on the West Coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. A number of sculptures are spread across these cliffs.
Coffin Bay, South Australia
Located on the Ayre Penninsula, South Australia, this beautiful bay is a haven for boaties, fisherman and other water lovers. The bay has almost no waves from the Southern Ocean leaving a glass like surface.
Port Adelaide Alley
An alley way in Port Adelaide, South Australia. Port Adelaide is one of the early parts of Adelaide with a lot of factories built in the 1800’s that still stand. Most are converted now to apartments and offices. This photo was a bit of a challenge because of the high contrast between light and dark.
Often referred to as Don Dunstan's Balls, they come and go from time to time from the Rundle Mall in Adelaide.
Often referred to as Don Dunstan’s Balls, they come and go from time to time from the Rundle Mall in Adelaide.
Buskers in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia
Two young buskers in Rundle Mall on a nice Friday afternoon in October entertaining the shoppers. They take it in turns to give a consistent show.
Sunset at Semaphore beach, South Australia
Semaphore, South Australia is a metropolitan beach north west of Adelaide city. Some of the sunsets we are fortunate to get are quite spectacular.