New version of Banksia Park Weather online!

Click here for Banksia Park Weather
Finally got around to changing the Banksia Park Weather Station site to its new version moving the Flash movie off to a sub page and using JavaScript to keep the ‘static’ page updated every 25 seconds. It’s got more features and more useful areas including a longer range forecast from Weather Underground, access to radar, warnings from the BOM, and will allow me to grow the informational part of the site that explains weather in simple terms. The version on-line now is just the start.

So if you’re living in any of the following suburbs, it’s probably the closest site to get temperature, humidity, barometer or pressure, wind direction and speed, and a whole host of other information on the weather :

  • Banksia Park, South Australia, 5091
  • Tea Tree Gully, South Australia, 5091
  • Vista, South Australia, 5091
  • Fairview Park, South Australia, 5126
  • Yatala Vale, South Australia, 5126
  • Surrey Downs, South Australia, 5126
  • Redwood Park, South Australia, 5097
  • St Agnes, South Australia, 5097
  • Ridgehaven, South Australia, 5097
  • Houghton, South Australia, 5131
  • Lower Hermitage, South Australia, 5131
  • Modbury, South Australia, 5092
  • Modbury Heights, South Australia, 5092
  • Wynn Vale, South Australia, 5127
  • Golden Grove, South Australia, 5125

Click on the image at the top of this to be taken to the Banksia Park Weather Station or click on this text.

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