DIY Rudder Pedal USB controller interface

Coming soon. Rudder pedal controller using USB (part number 204-TV-B). This board will interface your home made DIY Rudder Pedals to Flight Simulator using USB. It’s inputs will be 3 x 10k ohm pots, one for the rudder and one each for the left and right toe brakes which connect with provided Molex connectors. USB is via a B type connector which also provides the required power for the interface…


Affiliates and Friends links

Association of Trevs in Australia Description: If your a Trevor, and you live in Australia, you probably will be interested in this site. It’s there for you, a Trevor in Australia. Added on: 21-Oct-2006 Cheffing Around Description: Cheffing Around, based in Adelaide South Australia is a contract chef organisation providing chef’s to restaurants, hotels, corporations, businesses, and to the individual if required. With only the best chef’s in Adelaide,…


Trevor’s Electronics Blog

Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board

Are you interested in Electronics? Or embedded electronics? Or any of the Microchip PIC microcontrollers like the PIC18, PIC24, the dsPIC33 or the latest PIC32? So am I so I’m writing about my adventures with these devices in my blog called Trevor’s Electronics Blog. The drive to do this was my adventure in learning the PIC24 and doing it using the Explorer 16 board. I got a book that uses…


Recal of American Currency

us treasury money recal

It looks like the US government has figured out how to get itself out of the financial problems it’s in. Watch the Onion News Network cover as Ronald Schuler, treasury spokesman announces the recal at a press conference.


Type O or Type Zero blood type?

Link to Youtube video

Hi all. Came across this video on YouTube the other day discussing what the blood type terminology is. Is it type O or is it type zero? Have a look for yourself. As you saw in the video, the correct term is type zero. Well done HotForWords.


Plane crashes on landing at Adelaide Airport, South Australia

Plane crash - Adelaide Airport (YPAD)

Adelaide, South Australia – Saturday 27th September 2008 In front of about a thousand spectators, the King Air B200 Twin Engine Corporate Charter VH-URU on a charter flight from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island crash landed on Runway 30 (South East to North West runway). No-one was injured with passengers praising the work of the pilot. The large crowd was at the airport to see the new Qantas A380 Airbus arrive…


New version of Banksia Park Weather online!

Finally got around to changing the Banksia Park Weather Station site to its new version moving the Flash movie off to a sub page and using JavaScript to keep the ‘static’ page updated every 25 seconds. It’s got more features and more useful areas including a longer range forecast from Weather Underground, access to radar, warnings from the BOM, and will allow me to grow the informational part of the…


2003 Ford Falcon BA Workshop Manual


Workshop manual for the 2003 Ford Falcon BA. This is what seems a very extensive workshop manual at 2,089 pages, however it does not include the electrical diagrams. It goes into fault diagnosis of most of the electrical though. It does cover in great depth all the other parts of the 2003 model Ford Falcon. It’s a big PDF file at 148MB so it will take some time to download….