Telstra moves more Australian jobs to India

A comical help desk call from a customer with a very strong Australian slang to the Telstra India help desk with an agent that has a very strong Indian accent and doesn’t understand many of the Australian slang terms. It begins with the announcer making the statement that Telstra moves more Australian jobs to India. Download the audio clip in MP3 format here. Here is the transcript of the call….


Adelaide On-Site Towbar Fitting

I had a towbar fitted to my car a while ago. After ringing around, I settled on Adelaide On-Site Towbar Fitting, a mobile come to you company. Mistake. There is nothing worse when you pay a professional to do a job and then you find out they have wired your car wrong. Go to pick up a new trailer about 40km away and as soon as you plug it in…


Outlook problem

When you recieve an email message as an attachment to another email, you can’t open it. No messages are displayed or anything. It’s probably becuase you have Google Desktop installed. You need to remove Google Desktop and the problem should resolve. It happens with both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Dont believe me, try this. Hold down CTRL key while starting Outlook. You should get a dialog asking if you…


Banksia Park Weather goes live

Finally Banksia Park, SA has weather information available to it’s residents live and on-line. With the type of land around Banksia Park the Bureau of Meteorology sites just don’t provide a clear picture with the closest being Parafield Airport. It’s still under construction from the perspective it still needs a 10m mast for wind speed and direction, it’s giving residents an alternative to be able to get readings from. The…


Courseplanner tutorials

Re-produced to remove problem with hackers The Wiki at MyOddWeb Wiki has had a not to bright individual damage the great information at the site relating to thier Courseplanner software. I managed to find what I think is the original info on the tutorials and have re-posted it here where it’s not so likely to get damaged by vandals. The two main parts are “Creating a Flight Plan” and “Exporting a flight…


Andrea Corr’s embarrasing moment with her thumb


Every now and then you come across a video of someone famous doing something that makes you realise that they are just people like you and me. Here is one of Andrea Corr sitting next to her brother Jim who’s doing all the talking on an interview. Andrea looks like normal Andrea, just looking around and up comes the hand and she starts sucking her thumb. Then realises what she’s…


Aerobatics with a remote control jet

aerobatics in a jet

Some of the things possible with these jet powered remote contol planes is incredible. This one, specially built for aerobatics has a variable nozel on the engine allowing it to be pointed in different directions and the small wings at the front of the plane are used to control where the front points and to make the plane do it’s unique wheel stands down the runway at low speed. Have…


Fighter jet crashes into trees at Monarto, South Australia

Saturday, 26th May 2007 Monarto, South Australia. A F-18 Hornet fighter jet suffers engine failure just near the Monarto Zoo about 45 minutes east of Adelaide in South Australia. The pilot desperately tried to get the plane down safely however with to much speed found the plane crashing into trees. Astonished onlookers could do nothing. The action was captured on video and posted to the popular YouTube site.


Jet Action 2007, AMA Field, Monarto, South Australia

Jet Action

Jet Action 2007 26 May 2007 at the Adelaide Model Aerosport Field, Monarto, South Australia My first visit to Jet Action was no disappointment. With great weather, clear skies, slight wind from the north and a top temp of about 21 Celsius the day was of to a great start. A few friends also turned out along with my brother and my son. The action started very soon after we…